Bailar Latino Peppa Pig is the first Bailar Latino spin-off game.

Bailar Latino Peppa Pig
Released: January 15th, 2017
System(s): Peppa Pig Play Console
Preceded by: Bailar Latino 2
Succeeded by: Bailar Latino 3

Tracklist Edit

The game includes 9 tracks, along with a leaked song which never appeared.

(LK) = Leaked

Song Dancer
"Peppa Pig Theme Peppa
"Parents Are Cool!" Mommy/Daddy
"I Like Dinosaurs!" George
"I Love My Family" Peppa/George/Mommy/Daddy
"Don't Be A Sinner" Peppa/Daddy
"Respect Your Elders" Grandpa/Grandma
"Schoolhouse Fun" Peppa
"9-5" Bunny Mom
"Don't Be Stuffy! (Stay Healthy)" Teddy
Teletubbies Theme (LK) Tinky Winkie, Dixie, Lala, Po

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