Canta Latino is a spin-off game of Baila Latino que will feature ultralatino songs! The release date in currently unknown. Gonna be released by Latinosoft. It's the first to be T rated.

Track ListEdit

"Canta Latino" by Justin Bieber (exclusive song by Latinosoft).

"Switch" by Iggy Azalea ft. Anitta (Nintendo Switch exclusive)

"Bogota Baby" by Lana Del Rey

"CPR" by CupcakKe

"Bang Bang Bang" by BIGBANG

"Love Ward" by Hatsune Miku

"La Fidget Spinner" by Imposs ft. Gigi Rowe

"Wig Flew" by Danho ft. Rhenna

"In Ruins" by GJ-Lewis X and DJ Falco

"Nancy Drew" by RaPal and Troxi Metal

"Super Mario Odyssey" by Latinosoft Meets Nintendo

"The Twins Sing to 1000 Digits of Pi" by Len and Ren Kagime

"Deepthroat" by Cupcakke (Latinoplay unlockable)

"Venus Desu" by Venus Angelic

"Computer Boy" by That Poppy

"P**n Is Good For The Soul" by Marina and The Diamonds

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